What is JIO

JIO is a collective effort of Global believers of Jain Principles and of those who want to create Global Awareness of Jain Lifestyle, Culture and Heritage. JIO is an unique organization which aims to take a giant First step in order to change the world for better. It is a global community where Visionaries, Intellectuals & People from all walks of life come under one roof.

JIO aims at 'Complete Success through total unity of all Jains' by creating complete synergy amongst all 24 power centers


JIO intends to bring global harmony, peace & prosperity by way of contentment and mutual respect for every living being and strive for a world free of violence, poverty & disease.


JIO is committed to building a co-operative environment and social infrastructure for overall growth, development and well-being of communities by improving health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality.

Our aim is to Provide fair & optimum opportunities for strong social relationships amongst jains from all fields.

Create a global awareness about jain ethos, values and philosophy of our noble principles, which benefits humanity and our environment.

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